Education Is Failing

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          Around the world, education is failing. Education is essential to the progress of humankind and yet, we are neglecting it in many areas. Students are not getting the support they need to change their lives and communities.

          As the United States and other voting nations attempt to bring democracy to other peoples around the world, they must recognize that an educated populace is a conscientiously voting populace. As evidenced by this study from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the more educated an individual is, the more likely they are to vote.


The education of women is especially essential because they provide a multiplying effect of the benefits of education on their surroundings. The unique position of women as mothers results in their passing on of the benefits they receive more so than men.  One study even discovered that “a woman with any education is 50% more likely to have her child immunized” (Plan, ‘Because I am a Girl: Girls in the Global Economy‘ 2009). The education of women would raise health for their children and also other benefits for the community. In addition, girls that receive an education for seven years marry four years later and have 2.2 fewer children (The Girl Effect). In order to help lower global populations, we can educate women so that they have fewer children. The smaller families that would result also would lead to less economic stress on the families.

In America alone, “A one-year increase in average years of schooling for dropouts would reduce murder and assault rates by almost 30%, motor vehicle theft by 20%, arson by 13%, and burglary and larceny by about 6%.” This research shows that by increasing education in our populace we could help lower crime rates. This lowering of crime rates would lower costs for the government by decreasing the amount spent on prisoners and would increase the overall happiness of the population.

With an education, young people can see the flaws in their societies and grow up to change them. Education can help prevent unwanted pregnancy, work towards gender equality, create wealth, and solve major hunger issues. With a health class, a student might learn the importance on mosquito netting or what to do if someone in their house gets a fever. Young women can gain access to knowledge of how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and rape, as well as knowledge about how to start the business that might force their male peers to see them as equals. With an education in business tools, disadvantaged young people might start a business that brings wealth to their town or family or become the first person to create a publicly traded company from their region.  Finally, by educating children on how to maximize the potential of land that their parents work they might ensure that they have enough food on the table.

Education destroys the limits of what someone thinks possible and makes them think BIGGER.

You have many options about how to help remedy this abysmal situation, both at home and abroad. You can volunteer your time at schools that help the underprivileged, like KIPP Schools in America. You can also give your time or money to organizations that provide for increased education, like The Girl Effect, Teach for America, or Pratham. If you are particularly financially successful, you might consider starting a scholarship at a local school. Another option to pursue it to write letters to your government representatives in which you ask them to work towards new education solutions or to support education bills that you think would be particularly effective. In conclusion, this issue is essential and requires YOUR help.







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