Globalization:Friend or Foe?

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As we all know globalization is a very controversial topic.  Most people only recognize the positive affects.  The positive affects include continuous amounts of food, new technologies and constant supply of goods.  The negative effects are usually unseen.  No one sees the poor working conditions in developing countries and the people who produce these products.  Although we don’t always see the the toll it takes on the environment, they affects will eventually catch up.  Both sides of globalization are beginning to show.

The positive effects can be seen everywhere. From all of the new clothes in the mall to your new Iphone are all affected by globalization where you know it or not.  Now there are so many different options when’s it comes to food, you can have any type of food for virtually every country you desire.  Ever wonder how millions of computers are made and distributed daily? Globalization.  Before most items were limited, now you can buy 50 ounces of shampoo at Costco.  Along with the enormous variety comes the knowledge and introduction to different cultures.  Globalization allows culture to be shared around the world through trade.

As for the negatives effects so are known and can be seen but other harsh impacts often aren’t known by the public.  One negative effect that is currently coming to the attention of the world is the poor working environments and conditions that workers in factories suffer in.  These factories that are the factories that are creating our clothes that we often lose, our phones that we often break and all of the other products that we use everyday.  The poor working conditions consist of 24 hour shifts and low wages.  These low wages and long hours are influenced by the lack of human rights which lead to poor living conditions. I think that because there is such a vast amount of products today that we have become wasteful because we know that if we lose something or break it that we can just order a new one.  This consistency of products has spoiled us.

There is a balance of the positive and negative impacts of globalization.  It seems like the negative impacts are increasing and the positive impacts are decreasing.  One of the positive affects is that we now have a huge variety of products that are available to us at very low prices.  Another positive effect is the new opportunities of new products and new foods.  The negative effects are the very poor working conditions.  The poor working conditions come along with poor human rights which lead to poor living conditions.   It seems to me that developing countries are hurting for the benefit of us, the United States and other countries in the west.  I believe that the balance between the good and the bad is long gone and something should be done to fix it.

With all of these ideas and facts its hard to decided if globalization has an overall positive affect.  Many people protest it but many people forget how many things are made possible by globalization.  It is now up to us to decided if globalization is helping or hurting us and how we can fix it to benefit everyone.





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  1. You make some interesting points in this post but I have often wondered whether there has ever been a balance when we look at globalisation. Obviously costs are lower when wages are low and conditions are poor. If goods are manufactured in such countries, the product is cheaper for consumers to buy.

    I can see two main issues.

    1. By buying these cheap products we are supporting low wages and conditions.
    2. With manufacturing moving to low wage and conditions countries, workers are displaced in other countries with higher wages and conditions.

    Looking into the future, as wealth in the poorer countries increases, it is most likely workers will expect a share through higher wages and better conditions. With less employment as in point 2, pay and conditions might fall. Could the effect of globalisation lead to a balance for the lowest paid and poorer conditions in the world?

    One other point to consider, if globalisation does result in a world balance for the lowest paid, where does all of the wealth go? Could globalisation create even further division between the haves and the have nots?

    I suspect the talked about balance isn’t quite as simple as we are led to believe.

    I have no expertise in economics nor depth of knowledge on globalisation. On reading your interesting post, these were just some thoughts coming to mind.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Your post is quite interesting becaue I haven’t thought about Globalization in a negative perspective. In school, I have studied how Globalization and how it helped trade and benefited many people and created jobs, yet as the world is transforming so are the types of jobs that now host the long shifts and low wages. Although, I do not think that the world is capable of not performing Globalization just because the extreme it has resorted to now. I found your post informative and original. Good job.

  3. Hello!
    I strongly agree with a lot of the points you make in this post. I feel that globalization is consuming us humans and we are oblivious and somewhat ignorant about the fact that other people from different countries are working in poor conditions to make the products that we take granted for. Do you have any brief ideas on how we as a country could fix or decrease globalization?

  4. Good points! It’s important to give people awareness of the negative aspects of globalisation. Unfortunately, working exploitation is only one of the problems.

  5. Hi
    I agree with your point about balancing the positive and negative affects of globalization, but in my opinion the low wages are what drive the poor living conditions. If people wouldn’t buy the cheap things with the knowledge of poor conditions then there would be no mistreatment or need for these products. I think we need to increase the awareness of this issue in order to stop it. I also feel that although there are many positive affects of globalization there is nothing that is more important than human rights and everyone deserves them. What do you think?

  6. Hi poster

    “As for the negatives effects so are known and can be seen but other harsh impacts often aren’t known by the public”

    Not sure what you mean here.

    “One negative effect that is currently coming to the attention of the world is the poor working environments and conditions that workers in factories suffer in”

    Is this really an effect of globalization? Really, poverty has existed for much longer than the past 20 years. Is global

    What specifically are you advocating for? Are you advocating for more isolationist policies on the part of the United States Government? I’m not entirely sure what your opinion is, only that there is a controversy.

  7. Hi there!

    You write some very interesting perspectives! I definitely agree that people think mostly about the positive effects of globalization rather than the negative effects. Some companies and consumers are even supporting bad working conditions by buying items that are available due to globalization. I believe Starbucks actually prints information about the people who gather their beans to prove that they have good relationships with the global workers. Hopefully, one day most or all global companies will have similar practices

  8. Hi,
    Great post! I think that globalization is a really controversial issue that has been somewhat ignored, or so it feels like. I am really curious if there is a system of globalization that is mutual beneficial to both the first and third world. I know that this idea seems very far fetched but I think that as a modern and advanced society we have enough resources to come up with a newer more efficient method of globalization. What worries me is that people may kind of ignore this topic because inside they know that it will result with some sacrifices. Like higher prices, and harder access to some products.

    Thanks, Will

  9. I see why you are so concerned about globalization. I got the sense that you were talking about international problems and that the Americans were the ones causing the problems, but I think that there is the same problem here, in America. What do you think?

  10. I really enjoyed your blog post. It was very well written and made me think twice about globalization. You hit some great points about how although it may be benefitting us in some ways, it also has negative affects.
    Do you think, after doing research, that the benefits outweigh the doubts?

  11. Hey,

    I agree with you that the negative effects of globalization are starting to surpass what those of us in the West would think of as acceptable, but have you considered the idea that these conditions may be the norm in those countries? When a new Foxconn plant (Apple’s Main Manufacturing partner) opens a new plant, thousands upon thousands flock to apply for these jobs. Is it right that the United States should force our ideas and standard upon those who may not have asked for it. Yes people are being mistreated by US standards, but if they, say in China, are fine doing that job, then they are being provided a job, that they may not have had before. I know people who have servants who live in Singapore, and paying those servants 5 USD per month is considered a great wage. Yes I do believe that we should treat these workers better, but money talks, and even though I say that, I still don’t want to pay 400 USD for my iPhone instead of 200. It’s a race to the bottom, and the workers in the US are not willing to work as hard for even double the money. So vote with your money, not just your words.


  12. Hi! My name is Courtney Block; I am a junior at University of South Alabama. I just want to start off by saying that this was a very good article about globalization. I learned a lot more about this topic after reading what you have written. I was very impressed by the way you brought a long the positives and the negatives. This gives a view from both sides, even though it sounds like you have already given a side.
    The positives do include what you have indicated. Globalization gives us new innovative ways to communicate, such as Skype created in Estonia. There is also the IPhone as you have mentioned, which was made and distributed in China. Also, how could you forget about all of the food? We have Chinese, Japanese, Thai food, Italian, Greek, and Mexican amongst others that we eat on a daily basis. This brings us to your point of learning about a new culture. We as humans need to know what makes every individual unique and globalization is one of those ways.
    I agree with you! Globalization is starting to show a lot of negatives. For instance as you stated about the workers poor working environments and decreasing pay, it’s awful. No one should have to work for 14 hours a day and bring back $45.00 for the week. On the other hand it is also hurting our workers. No we don’t have poor working conditions, or bad pay, but we don’t have jobs! The United States is running out of jobs to give factory workers because we are not selling enough products that are made in the U.S.
    I strongly believe that these issues do need to be improved. I also think that even if we sell the products for more it is up to the country, from which the products are being made, to increase the pay of their workers. This also goes for the working environments as well. I really did enjoy reading your article! Thank you very much!

    Courtney Block

  13. Hi!

    I really enjoyed your post! Your observations about the negative sides of globalization are spot on! I think that you might be being a bit harsh on the topic though. Globalization does have its downsides, but many of those can be solved. Are there any ways in your opinion that would be best to help solve the issue of exploitation?


  14. Hi, my name is Anna Zhuo and I’m a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama.

    This is a very organized and well written post. I enjoyed it. Not many people or students will talk about globalization as a serious topic. It’s very good that you pointed out the positive and negative aspect of globalization. Most people will see it on a positive standpoint because they are usually the consumers. In America, we usually import from China because it’s cheaper for them to make the product we are consuming or using. Low wages comes from the weak currency, which comes from poor economy.

    In a way, I don’t think our benefits are hurting the other countries or those with poor working conditions. Yes, they are working more hours in a bad environment but they are being paid. By giving them work, it produces jobs. Especially in China, there are over a billion people living in the country and jobs are needed. Because we, the U.S., import from China, this create jobs for them. By creating jobs, the citizens of that country are earning a wage in order to buy food to feed their family. Imagine that we did not buy from China, would the citizens of China have jobs to earn money? What kind of working conditions would they be in if we did not import from them? Would it be better or worse?

    We are also thinking that their working conditions are bad because we compare it to our own country. Our country has different laws, policies and ideas. The media also influences how we think about other countries working conditions. More videos and images are produced or taken to depict the working conditions of other countries than our own. There are many poor working environments and conditions within our own country as well but people hardly talk about it or put it on media. I say this because I have witnessed many of them in New York City. I have also witnessed many in China during my visits. These are some things to think about as well.

    It is true that, as consumers, we are being spoiled by the availability of products and forget the hard work and time people put in to make it. Even though majority of us have a spoiled mentality, by being consumers we are also benefiting the producers. Not many people will think this way either.

    It’s a controversial and debatable as to whether or not globalization is hurting the world or benefiting. It will be very hard to balance it but we will find a way to fix it!
    Thank you for providing us such good insights and something for all of us to think about!!

    Anna Zhuo

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